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City of Villians- $4.99


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I can't believe this hasn't been posted yet ;) With shipping it's about $10, but if you have a Micro Center by your house, it's $4.99 in store as well.


Anyways, for those that never tried the City of * games this is a great price just to try it free for a month.


(Translation of the above, "Please someone else play this so I won't be so lonely.")


City of Villians

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We should hook up sometime; all of the toons I play on a regular basis are on Liberty.


I play mostly CoV now, but from time-to-time I'll hop on and play some of my heroes. Currently I'm working on my level 47 Thug/Dark Mastermind, OG Imp, as I'm anxious to try the Recluse Strike Force, but have a number of villians ranging from 1 to 34.


Feel free to send me a global invite to any of the following...


@Imp Accelerator

@Daito Imp (will most likely change to Imp Jr the next time I'm on)

@Imp the 3rd

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