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Using a .ISO file?


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I have a workstation at my work that I need to put MS Office on to test something in Excel. We have a site license for MS Office and I have downloaded it from our download center but it is in .ISO format. I looked on Wikipedia for this and it seems to be similar to a .zip file...is my understanding correct? Do I just look for a utility that can uncompress the .iso file to a temporary folder and hopefully a setup.exe will be there to run to do the install? I hate to put in an IT ticket for this because I feel like I should know this...can anyone here help?

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Or you can burn it directly to a CD and install from that.


Actually I have burned them to a CD already. How do I install from that? I haven't tried it yet but when I gave the discs to my co-worker he tried double-clicking on the ISO file. He said it gave him a read-only error (which doesn't make sense because he should have been installing FROM, not TO the disc). Should it be as simple as double-clicking on that ISO file? It's entirely possible that my co-worker is an idiot. :)

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Yep, sure does. At this point it's probably easier to just copy the ISO file from the disc to the workstation and then use one of the utilities mentioned above to extract it, but I'll know for next time not to burn the ISO file as a data file.


Thanks again everyone.


[edit] Yeah, I see the option to create a CD from an .iso file in the burning software I am using (Sonic RecordNow). Thanks, Jay, I didn't notice that before.

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You can use something like Fireburner or Nero to burn that ISO file to a CD.


It's an image of a disk file, so you need software to convert it from that format back to the file format that it formerly held.


Something else that you can do is to download ISOburner from Smartprojects. That will allow you to open that file and extract all of the files from it. You can use the free version of the software to do that.



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