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Texas Holdem Tournament

Guest dragonballden

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Despite the usual nightly tournaments, I'd be down with a "crown the LCVG hold'em" tournament of tournaments. Just don't put me at the same first table as Covak, have you seen his freaking bankroll? Or Grooving. Crazy bastards. ;)

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I've no interest in the tournament (as far as playing), but you can consider it LCVG "sponsored" in so far as we'll (i.e. the owners) be offering up the prizes this time around (major props to Brandon/Actinide for handling prizes in some of the other tournies. You rock man). Here they are:


1st Place: $60 Best Buy Gamer Card to buy the game of your choice

2nd Place: 1200 Marketplace points card

3rd Place: To be Determined (Current outlook is one of the Dead Rising pre-order T-Shirts)

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