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Texas Holdem Tournament

Guest dragonballden

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Table 1: Mon, Tue are not good for me except after 9p.m. Eastern.


All other times: You call. I haul. That's all!


(Oh and when I lose, it will be solely to set an example to my sons about the evils of excessive gambling, and not reflective of my skills. Just so you know.)




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Name a time and place, and I'll do my best to be there this week. Real life is cropping it's ugly ugly head my way right now, so if for whatever reason I can't make it, I'll post that and you can kick me out of the tournament at that time.

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My basement HT flooded over the weekend. All the gory details here:




If the table 2 crew can put it off until next week I can most likely make, otherwise I may need to drop.



I'm ok with that. This weekend I may be outta town, but anytime after that (except next Tuesday).

I should also have time this week if that's when it needs to be scheduled.

Either way, a later start time, preferably after 8 pm central would be appreciated.

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Covak won table 3 - I was the runner-up. I went all in with a K-Q suited and he ends up beating me with a lousy pair of sixes. Oh the humanity...


I also had an ace, right? Wasn't *that* bad ;)


Good game, table 3! The cards were ridiculously good for me :)

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It wasn't bad, it just wasn't that spectacular Rounders-type moment I was looking for. Where my pocket Kings lose to your pocket Aces, that kind of thing.


Losing to a pair of sixes in a head-to-head, All-in situation where we've got all of those face cards is just so...anticlimactic...;)

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