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Online Gaming schedule for the week of 8/27

Romier S

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Monday 9 PM EST Call of Duty 2

Tuesday 9 PM ES Chromehounds

Wednesday 9 PM EST Battlefield 2 Clan Night

Thursday 9 PM EST Texas Hold'em

Friday 9 PM EST Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth II


If anyone wants to add anything including PDZ, PGR3, GRAW or any other game please feel free to do so!

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I'm going to run a regular LCVG "sports night" on Tuesdays from 8 p.m. until 9 p.m. -- just enough time for folks so inclined to sneak in a game of Madden, NCAA, or the flavor of the moment.


As this week is the official kickoff of college football, the game of choice this week is NCAA Football 07. I'll open a private matchmaking room in the EA Lobby for us. The name of the room will be LCVG, and the password will be Actinide.


Let the games begin. :tu

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It's a good game fretster, but it's got limited play time around these parts due to other titles etc. We're trying to get a clan organized and playing the game regularly right here:




It's been difficult getting folks schedules to line up so that we can have a nice full clan match. We'll see how things go, but I'd recommend a rental from Gamefly that you can keep for a bit if at all possible first.

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Anybody not chroming the hound who wants to try a little Saint's Row tonight? I'll be able to get on around 10pm EST or thereabouts, I have a silly-ass work function to attend but I'll be hauling it home shortly thereafter and would love to get in a little moterized slappin' mayhem :tu

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