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Anti-Cheating Done Right?


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Considering how long StarCraft and Diablo II have been in rotation, and the number of CD keys that actually got banned, I'd say this is a nice gesture but hardly enough to quell cheating.


Blizzard has been faced with hacks and cheats for years now so it's not exactly like this is the definition of 'swift justice'.

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Though you raised some good points, I think that an equally important implication of this has to do with deterrence.


Faced with the possibility of losing their accounts (possibly hard earned, nevermind that they cheat) along with the CD keys purchased with real currency (as opposed to losing Diablo Land money), I don't doubt that many cheaters will think twice before firing up that map hack.


The fact that Blizzard has the cajones to close accounts and ban keys says a lot about their resolve. It gives a sort of "zero tolerance" message and that is enough to stop many cheaters, I think.

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Sam, don't get me wrong, I don't think this is anything other than a good idea. I am 100% in favor of banning and otherwise smacking around the little bastards and big bastards who cheat in online games.


My problem is that Blizzard has taken so long to do this and they don't do it either often enough or harshly enough for my liking (screw that account ban, they should nix the CD keys of the cheaters, period and end of story). That's just me though.

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One really crappy effect will be all the game CDs showing up on eBay that will simply be coasters.


Whether the bans happened or not, those CDs on eBay will still largely be coasters. You only have the seller's word that he/she won't continue to use that CD key. Without the key, the CD is worth next to nothing, anyway.

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Unless you don't care about playing multiplayer.


Right. Adamsappel said that because of the ban, there will be an abundance of Diablo II games floating around on Ebay which will be worth nothing. Now, with or without this banning spree, those games will still be of equal value to the buyer who doesn't care about playing multiplayer.


We're going in circles. :lol:

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