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Star Trek TOS with new CGI


ST:TOS - new CGI space scenes?  

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  1. 1. ST:TOS - new CGI space scenes?

    • This is a great idea! The old effects look terrible!
    • This is a horrible idea! Leave the classic effects alone!
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OK, I personally don't like this at all...




There's a rumor going around that they are going to release the new HD versions of Trek TOS with new CGI space scenes.


Now, I'm no big ST fan. I fall firmly into the B5 camp. I've been watching TNG on DVD though, finished S3, and enjoying about 50% of the episodes (ST:TNG's episodic format gets boring with me after too many eps, too many end up being solved with technobabble. Some are really good though). And I enjoyed what TOS reruns I saw back in the day.


Never been a huge fan of ST:TOS but hey, I prefer old movies and shows untouched. I always thought that they just looked stupid when they go back and tinker and add new effects (see: Star Wars trilogy).


So here I'm voting :td

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Im not usually a fan of reworking stuff, however if they use the same people to do it that did the TOS shots in the Enterprise S4 2 parter In a Mirror Darkly it will look very nice indeed. The Original enterprise never looked so good. However the reframing is not a good idea at all

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I think the reason I like the idea of these changes is that while I love Star Trek, TOS has never interested me. I think the updated effects would actually make it more appealing to me.


I can't believe I just said that, but I did.


I do think the originals MUST be made available in HD form as I couldnt imagine being a big fan of the show and then having to watch the episodes differently that I remembered them.


That's how I felt about Bill Hunt's comments on TNG. Apparantly, TNG was filmed but was post produced on SD Tape. So to have a true HD version of TNG, they'd have to go back to the film and remaster all of the special effects. And I dont know how I feel about that because Im so used to seeing the shows with their original effects. Anything else would be weird.

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Does anyone think that the 60s model effects and ageing masters lose much by being watched in their original TV definition upscaled, rather than crystal-clear HD? I don't see the point myself.


After seeing how good older film can look in HD (Blazing Saddles and The Searchers) Im anxious to see just how good ST can look.

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Yes, but The Searchers was shot with the intention of being shown on a huge cinema screen, so of course there's plenty of detail there. Star Trek was intended to be watched on a 21" SD CRT in the living room. Even if you'll be able to see every hair of Shatner's chest, those 60s model effects and cheap sets aren't going to appreciate the extra detail, I'd have thought.

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