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The LCVG Madden 07 League for Xbox 360

Brandon H

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The Mario Conference


1. Merlot -- Cincinnatti Bengals

2. RingWraith -- Arizona Cardinals

3. Union Carbine -- Houston Texans

4. Thro -- Atlanta Falcons


The Sonic Conference


1. Lupo -- New York Jets

2. Ricky Hustle -- New York Giants

3. Sparkz -- Buffalo Bills

4. Actinide -- Carolina Panthers



Home team is former team in all cases


Week 1 (Week of 9/17) – Interconference play

Mario Team 1 vs. Sonic Team 4

Sonic Team 2 vs. Mario Team 2

Mario Team 3 vs. Sonic Team 3

Sonic Team 1 vs. Mario Team 4


Week 2 (Week of 9/24)

Team 1 vs. Team 3

Team 4 vs. Team 2


Week 3 (Week of 10/1)

Team 3 vs. Team 4

Team 2 vs. Team 1


Week 4 (Week of 10/8) – Interconference play

Sonic Team 4 vs. Mario Team 3

Mario Team 2 vs. Sonic Team 1

Sonic Team 3 vs. Mario Team 1

Mario Team 4 vs. Sonic Team 2


Week 5 (Week of 10/15)

Team 4 vs. Team 1

Team 2 vs. Team 3


Week 6 (Week of 10/12) – Four-Team Playoff

Round 1:

Mario Conference Champion vs. Sonic Runner-Up

Sonic Conference Champion vs. Mario Runner-Up

Round 2:

TBD (Neutral-site game)



  • All games will be played using “standard” EA online rules for ranked games. The home team must post results (including score) of each played matchup in this thread within 24 hours of a completed game.

  • All games must be played during the week scheduled – No exceptions! The home team is responsible for initiating the scheduling of a game. In the event that a game cannot be played during the assigned week, both teams will receive a forfeit, unless:
    • One player accepts responsibility for the failure to schedule the game in a timely manner, in which case his opponent will be credited with a win, and the responsible player forfeits;
    • One player demonstrates that he has made reasonable effort to contact his opponent and schedule a game, without reciprocation from his opponent. All judgments in these cases will be arbitrated by the commissioner (Actinide), and are final. In these cases, the first player will be credited with a win, and the unresponsive player, a forfeit.

  • I will not attempt to regulate “cheese” play by setting specific restrictions on no-huddle offenses, substitutions, audibles, hot routes, QB scrambling, “nanoblitzing,” fake kicks, 4th-down and 2-point conversion attempts, etc. However, I ask that everyone respect their opponents and not engage in “cheese.” We are all adults, and we know what is acceptable and what isn’t. In the event that I receive repeated complaints from multiple players about a specific opponent “cheesing,” I reserve the right as commissioner to enforce the “death penalty” against the offending party. Recipients of the “death penalty” will have their program disbanded, and will declare forfeit in any played games or remaining matchups.

  • The player with the best in-conference record in each conference will be declared the “conference champion.” In the event of a tie between two players, the player who won the head-to-head matchup between the two teams will be declared conference champion.

  • The top two players in each conference will advance to the playoffs. The winner of the playoffs will be declared Super Bowl Champion.

  • The commissioner is the sole arbiter of any disputes, and his decision is final. In the event of a dispute involving the commissioner, a third party, uninvolved in the league, will serve as arbiter.

Conference champions will receive a $10 Best Buy gift card. The Super Bowl champion will receive a copy of the Xbox 360 game of their choice, up to a value of $60.


If you have any questions, please post here or send me a PM.


Let the games begin!

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don't you think you should learn how to use the Eagles first?


Says the guy who's played nearly a whole season vs my 3 games. Must be bitter from your fantasy football loss to the South Jersey Merlots.


Put up or shut up - if you are in, say so and I'll show you how well I use the Birds. :D

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