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Mac Superdrive question

Hank Scorpio

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Hello Lads,


Last night I had some trouble with my G4 Powerbook - the problem is resolved but I don't know what happened in the first place or how to prevent it from happening again.


I had set up a playlist to burn in iTunes and when I inserted a CD the Superdrive didn't grab the CD. Hmmm. I didn't try to force it in, I did as normal - put part of the CD in and let the driver grab it.


I went into System Profiler and it didn't show that I had a Superdrive. Interesting. I restarted the computer, and again went into System Profiler. Still no Superdrive.


I shut down, then started up. I heard the Superdrive make noise like it was ejecting a CD. To my relief, System Profiler showed that I had a Superdrive. I inserted a CD, the drive took it, and a few minutes later my CD was done.







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Thanks Kelley. Now then, do I just cross my fingers and hope this doesn't happen again? Is there any type of "preventative maintainence" I can do to determine if it was a fluke or if the ATA port is in fact failing?


A visit to the Apple support forums found other people with a similar problem, but on the Mac Mini - and no resolutions that I found.





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