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Gamertag sigs & Firefox


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Ugh. The gamertag sigs coming from all over the 'net are making pages draw in all wacky in Firefox. Specifically, as the browser tries to jump to a particular post (say if you click on the "newest post" icon), it'll jump there, but as the sigs from gamertags.com, gamesigs.org, happyfunsigs.net, etc. come in, the page expands and jumps as I scroll. Very annoying.


Anyone else seeing this? Occurs on both of my OSX systems at home and work.

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Yeah, this was a common HTML error where if you don't put in width/height tags, it updates the page to reflect the images once they load. Are the gamertags just images or are they also iframes of some sort. And if they're images is there anyway for width/height tags to be included?


Edit: I justed checked the code and it is just an img tag with missing width/height tags. No idea if the forum code can somehow render the width/height tags, or how exactly it would know what those values are.

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This had become much more annoying for me lately. You still seeing the same thing Josh?


I click the newest post, start reading and the page jumps all over the place as the gamertags load. It's even hard to compensate for it by holding the scroll bar down.


Yep. I could turn sigs of but I kind of like them. :(

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