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Vivendi reveals Double Fine partnership along with a slew of Xbox Live Arcade games.

Romier S

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There's some pretty exciting news here which I thought deserved it's own thread. Double Fine has partnered with Vivendi to bring an as of yet unknown title. There's also a whole boatload of Xbox Live Arcade titles on the way including a new Battlestar Galactica Live arcade game, a remake of the old Red Baron PC titles, Megaforce, an 3D XBLA Golf game called Ultra Mini Golf, and classic puzzler The Incredible Machine. Check it all out here:




From my perspective, I'm just damn happy to hear about something new coming out of Double Fine. The rest of the new is icing on the cake.:tu

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Great news about Double Fine, although I'd still like to know more about their next game. The XBLA titles also sound really cool, although I have no idea how The Incredible Machine could possibly work well with a controller. Some of those levels just took way too much precision to get working :) I'm also glad to see 3d ultra minigolf being resurrected-the original PC game was a lot of fun, and I can see it working well on the 360.


I wonder if there's any irony to Tim Schafer now being published by VU, which is austensively Sierra :)

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Well, news on Double Fine's next game is leaking out... The "heavy metal" rumours were right, and it's also going to feature Jack Black! Allegedly. The site that posted the story pulled it as allegedly there's an embargo.


Vivendi confirms that Psychonauts creator Tim Schafer will be showing a new project during the game convention Games Convention. Brutal Legend is the name of the game guru Tim Schafer's latest game. It will be shown at Games Convention next week, and Gamer.no will be in Leipzig to cover the event.


According to distributer Vivendi you'll be playing a Rock'n Roll roadie played by actor Jack Black (known from King Kong and School of Rock). Black dies and goes to Hell, and quickly finds it's not that cool to be where the sun never shines.


The goal is to escape to Rock'n Roll heaven. In order to do this the main character has to solve various tasks and puzzles. It's also said that there will be elements of strategy in the game, for example when controlling several characters at once.


Furthermore, Heavy Metal is apparently a big thing in Brutal Legend. We don't have any more information, but we promise to keep a close eye when the game is presented at Games Convention next week.


Schafer has earlier contributed to (or co-created, whatever) games such as Full Throttle, Psychonauts, Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle.


And about the removal:


At the request of Double Fine we took down the story that was up a few moments ago. Double Fine is awesome, and to help perpetuate that awesomeness, we deemed it in everyone's best interest to comply and pull the story. Sorry, Jason!


It's safe to assume that some actual awesome news will be coming from them soon, though.


When asked about the original story, Tim Schafer issued a short comment, saying, "The whole thing was a lie. What I'm really working on is Zak McKracken 2 for the PSP."

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