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The Tick Animated Series Season 1 DVD


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I just picked up and watched through the Tick Season 1 DVD today!

I couldn't WAIT to get this!

And it's AWESOME!

Bare bones, but who cares?

I am just happy to not have to watch my crappy less than VHS quality bootlegs anymore.

Although they did exclude the 11th Episode...The Tick Vs. The Mole Men.

I heard for some kind of licensing rights or something silly. But that was a lame episode anyway, so I'm not TOO upset!

But after reading up on that, it was well known that one episode of the whole series wasn't going to be included, but not known which until now.

So at least the folllowing seasons 2 and 3 will be complete!


The transfer on these is as expected. Better than broadcast quality, but seeing as the source material wasn't all that high end anyway, the transfer can only do so much. At least they preserved the original prints' image as closely as possible.


Bottom line.... I'm ecstatic! Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the Tick!!!

This will be getting MUCH replay in my house!!! ;-)

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I bought it Tuesday, but haven't had a chance to open it yet. This week was kinda expensive for me, picking up Darkwing Duck, Veronica Mars: Season 2, and The Tick.


I just finished VM, and I'm slowly working my way through Darkwing Duck.


I can finally watch The Tick with my partner, my Little Wooden boy replica.

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