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Steam - The Discussion Thread

Romier S

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The full package at $89.95 is not bad at all if you're interested in all of those titles. The per game price adds up to be about six dollars per title. That's pretty decent.


The per game price point outside of the big pack is where things get interesting. These prices are actually pretty standard in the PC world. It's an absolutely atrocious value if you're familiar with Xbox marketplace pricing, but then that's why it's always interesting to see how people react to Arcade pricing in general;).

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Thought I would bring this thread back. If you guys use steam post your names, and I will add you to my friends list, and invite you to the LCVG group I just started. After playing Company of Heroes the last few days, i realized just how much I missed RTS games played the correct way. Not to mention just how good Mass Effect and Lost planet look compared to the console versions

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Not as far as I'm aware of. I've only ever had one Steam account and romier is the username.


EDIT: Actually, I didn't realize the steam account log in and community name ARE different. So yes, I'm futurevoid:).


I notice a few folks have Company of Heroes in thier tag, is there any way to link the retail Company of Heroes to my steam account?

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