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Attached images not appearing in Firefox


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Another Firefox problem with the forum. This one has actually been happening since before the most recent upgrade, I just never complained about it.


Whenever I go to a page with an image attachment by one of the mods, I see this:





And then when you click on the link I get a log in screen:




Even though Im already logged in with cookies on.



If I visit the same thread in IE, the pictures show up fine, right there in the thread.


Also, are regular members ever going to have the option of attaching pictures or will that remain mod only?

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I used to have the same problem, here's how I fixed it:

I usually visit the forums through http://lcvg.com/forum/ (no www), so a cookie gets set for the domain lcvg.com. The attachment system links use http://www.lcvg.com/forum/attachment.php,'>http://www.lcvg.com/forum/attachment.php, and look for/set the cookies under the domain http://www.lcvg.com. I just cleared my cookies and logged in at http://www.lcvg.com/forum/ instead to test and it works correctly as expected.
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