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Mario Kart or Metroid tonight?


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Cool, well let's try to set up a game of Mario Kart this week. I'd think most here play that more than Metroid.


FWIW, I dont snake. I mean not if I have to. I dont know if I've mentioned this here before, but I think Mario Kart DS is the best version of Mario Kart, with one major flaw: Snaking.

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From a [ulr=http://db.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/file/mario_kart_ds_h.txt]Mario Kart DS FAQ[/url] at GameFaqs:


Snaking is the process of using the Drift Boost over and over again on a straight road rather than a turn, and using the speed boosts you get from it to boost you faster down the road. Basically you start on one side of the

track and begin drifting while rocking the D-Pad. Try to avoid turning on an

angle while you almost immediately boost yourself forward. The key to successful snaking is the extremely fast execution of the boost with the Drift

Boost technique, you really have to rock that D-Pad. Done correctly you'll be able to do it back and forth, left and right, all the way up the track.


I was online the other night with two guys who did this and it pissed me off. I could see them doing it and even though I didn't know exactly what they were doing, I could tell they were trying to manipulate the in-game physics to go faster than normal.


Oh, and I suppose I'd be up for a round or two sometime this week if you guys are interested. Let me know when you all want to hop on and I'll try to find you.

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Yeah, anyone can learn to snake, but why would you want to? It makes the game boring and tedious as hell. But there are always those guys online who'll sacrifice their fingers just to win the race.


It's obvious the developers didnt design the game for this. If they did, Mario Kart DS sucks.

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