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October Release Dates updated

The Daisy

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Thank you very much Glen for your hard work on this.


That's quite a month for gaming there. It's one thing for a lot of games to come out. It's another for so many good games to come out at once. I wonder if we really appreciate exactly how much good stuff there is from which to choose right now.


I, for one, will be getting Rogue Squadron III, XIII, and possibly Viewtiful Joe.

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Considering all the dvd's coming out soon I'm not sure I'll actually get any games but there are certainly a lot to choose from if I do. XIII, Crimson Skies, and Max Payne 2 look very appealing. THUG might be cool. I've heard flattering things about Roadkill but it also seems like the kind of game that would be overlooked and therefore easy to pick up for cheap later on.

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Thanks a lot, Glen.


I'll definitely be getting SSX 3 and RS 3, but like Andy says, there are a lot of DVD's coming out so I'll have to consider any more game purchases carefully. I am interested in XIII and Crimson Skies for sure. I'm going to wait on Jak II, THUG and Rogue Squadron III.

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