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Where were YOU, when you lost your virginity?


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I was in my girlfriend's bed, 30 feet from a couch where her parents were sitting. We had been having trouble getting it in (you'd think this would be easy). And then, SUCCESS! Finally! But the success was short-lived. We both jumped out of bed, got dressed quickly, and ran out to join Kim's parents on the couch. We were so excited ... to watch the finale of Melrose Place, we had to postpone losing our virginity.


Note: That was high school, and my girlfriend's parents are now my in-laws.

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I just find it so ironic that Keith was in the other room when I was losing my virginity to his girlfriends parents.


I just had to leave the room when I heard that they were going to be watching Melrose Place. That I just could not stomach.



Jtello wants to know how the dad was Glen?



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I think a better question is to ask, "Where were YOU when you first gave a girl an Abe Lincoln?"


OK I have to ask, WTF is an abe lincoln?


For the record, in my own bed while my parents were away for the weekend at the beach. They always fell for that "I have to stay home this weekend because I have track practice" bit.

Hey spanking the monkey does NOT COUNT! IT doesn't matter if you were able to pull it 5 times in a row...

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