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Freedom Fighters


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Anyone buy Freedom Fighters? (it's actually for all 3 consoles)


I've been playing it at work and it's a ton of fun. I don't know what kind of 'buzz' this game has but it deserves some attention.


It's a squad based shooter set in an interesting alternate universe where the Soviets won the Cold War. It's more of a pure shooter than other squad-based games but not nearly as corny as say Brute Force. You can actually lead as many as 12 guys.


Combat is the standout element of the game. It's just a lot of fun to put your men into harm's way and make things happen. Death animations are unique and the enemies are smart enough to make things interesting. The levels are well designed too...lots of exploring (you can climb all over the place).


Multiplayer (no Live) is fun but it's one of those modes they could have done a lot more with.


I don't want to spend too much time writing about the game...I just wanted to pump a good game before it gets overlooked by the onslaught of quality titles about to be released.

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I bought it 2 days ago and I've damn near been playing it non-stop.


It was cool at first but, then it just became downright addictive.


This game is AWESOME!!!!! The graphics can't touch Brute Force but, that's about all that can't touch B.F. In fact, other than graphics, B.F. can't touch shit on F.F.!!!


Freedom Fighters is superior to Brute Force in almost every single way except for graphics.


Damn...now if only Freedom Fighters wasn't done by E.A. :( We'd have 'Live support and probably level downloads.

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Freedom Fighters is superior to Brute Force in almost every single way except for graphics.


Huh...I thought the graphics in Brute Force sucked. Oh well.


Guys, don't miss this one. It's a great game. This thread hasn't gotten the response I expected. I thought everyone out there would know about this game already...I guess not. It's not often I like a game -that alone should almost mean something. :)

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Got the game, love the game.


The 2nd toughest difficulty is just right, "You got what it takes" or something like that. Fun game, highly recommended.


It hurt to buy this game, I dont like supporting EA. :D I usually buy their games used, but no regrets with this one. Great game.

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Back from the dead with this thread!


I picked this up the other day as part of my recent "games I'll buy when they're less than $20 kick" after reading lots of positive reviews, even though the OXM demo left me lukewarm at best.


I'm glad I did pick this game up, as I'm having fun so far. Nicely done, nothing real mind-blowing so far (hmm I suppose Ninja Gaiden has spoiled me permanently now) but fun & solid presentation/subwoofer-activating explosions + a cool score/graphics are decent and in 720p even. (had no idea until after I bought it)


Commanding your troops to run towards heavy gunfire = fun!! :twisted:


Don't write this game off if you were less than impressed by the OXM demo, it's actually quite fun. :tu:



Oh I forgot to mention that it was Wal-Mart that had it for $19.82, I don't know if it's dropped to that price officially or what...

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