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Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2


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New IGN preview. Looks like more of the same except now there's a Wave Race styled jet-ski game in it complete with turbo boosts and a trick system.


Other items of interest


  • 2700 bathing suits
  • tug of war
  • expanded version of the platform jumping minigame using all 4 face buttons and a race mode
  • butt war - two girls stand on a platrom in a pool and try to knock each other off using their asses - I shit you not
  • some weird button-mashing minigame where you have to race another girl to grab a flag in the beach - probably nothing more than an excuse to watch their boobs bounce as they run
  • speaking of which, the game now has independent boob physics where each honker behaves independently


Unfortunately only 2 people at a time can play volleyball online - you're forced to use an AI partner.


I'll probably buy it anyway because I'm a loser.

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We've discussed some issues with Achievement Points on the 360, surely to goodness there will be some boob-points available with this game. The butt war adds a whole new level of achievement.


I think playing these games is creepy enough, but who are the guys that actually program them? Ewwwwww...

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Yeah, it must be hell studying videos of bikini-clad girls to make sure your animated models sway and bounce just.....so...


That's true, the research would be nice. But I just imagine this greasy guy, soft glow of the computer screen reflected on their glasses, using some digital hand to feel up his latest creation. Actually, after typing it out, maybe you're right...that's not so bad. :lol

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nothing like a few rounds of butt bump to get the hardcore PlayStation fans switched over the X side.

Yeah, let's weigh the options.


Devil May Cry 4......Dead or Alive Extreme 2...


Um, is that even a choice?;)


Seriously though, I'm on the "not interested" side of the equation. I think these games make wonderful tech demos (the original also looked gorgeous), but there is little in the way of an actual "game" underneath it all that appeals to me. The jet-ski mini-game does sound interesting and for those interested, the boob physics are in full effect.:D

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