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Beyond Good And Evil Demo Available


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The PC Demo for Beyond Good and Evil is out.... and it's stunning. The look of this game is great, and almost exactly what I look for in a video game of this type.


Unfortunatly the demo is really too short to get a full idea of what the game is really like. Similar to the Prince of Persia demo for XB, it just gives you a bit of a taste of the different types of gameplay available. In the first part you're in a boat shooting a DOMZ (I'm a DOM) which looks like something out of Panzer Dragoon. The 2nd, and biggest part of the demo has you sneaking around and taking a few pictures while the final part is an action chase scene where you run along building rooftops to escape some nasties coming after you.


This game may end up working much better on the consoles though, as I found the KB controls to be pretty hard to control. You have some control over the camera, but no a heck of a lot as the game is extremely cinematic in nature, so the angles are set up for you in many cases.


UBI Soft has some great looking games coming this fall.

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