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Afrika - PS3


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So um, yeah....we still don't really know what the hell this game is about. Is it about hunting big game? Is it about surviving? Is it about going on safari and taking pictures? Or is it just another tech demo that Sony is trying to force into a game? Whatever it is , the screens look nice. I do really like the title and logo and hope that they don't change it.







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Here's the first bit of info about the gameplay, from the misleader of Sony Studios, Phil Harrison.

You're the head of Sony's worldwide development studios. What the hell is up with that Africa game?


Video games have a function in life, and that is: wish fulfillment. You can become a mercenary, a fighter pilot. On PS3, we can expand the realm of that experience. Africa allows you to experience a very interesting part of the world, a safari in the plains of Africa. The gameplay is entirely non-violent. You don't kill the animals. It emphasizes the positives rather than the negatives.


It's about collecting experiences and keeping them for posterity.


What's up with the guy riding in the Jeep, shown at the end of the trailer?


That's you. Or rather, that's one of the people you'll control. (He stops himself from saying anything else.)


Link: http://blog.wired.com/games/index.blog?entry_id=1561160

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Am I crazy for thinking that could actually be a lot of fun if you could be mauled and killed (or trampled, whatever)? So there's tension when you're trying to get good shots...


Crazy? Hell thats the only thing the game seems to have going for it IMO. Without that possability it would just be a virtual zoo and that would be incredibly boring.

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Lol... maybe someday. I don't have the time or the money for all of the real games coming this fall, nevermind this :)


I had no idea it was coming here. Good to know. At least, I keep telling myself one day I'll have time to catch up on all the games I'm missing this year...

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