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Lego Batman? That looks to be the case.

Romier S

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Joystiq has the report from an original repot by CVG:




With the release of LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy being close enough for us to start using words like "imminent" and "impending," it's hard not to "imagine" the possibilities brought on by the next franchise selected for LEGO-fication. CVG reports that the world's greatest detective has been chosen by Traveller's Tales to star in the next instalment of the lighthearted series. Following in the square footsteps of the Star Wars games, Batman's blocky adventure is sure to be an amusing parody of everything we've come to know about the caped crusader, Gotham City and its noticeably deranged inhabitants. "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"
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It's a real pity, I agree. The two classic Spectrum Batman games (the Bird In The Hand side-on puzzler and Ritman & Drummond's utter classic) and the Amiga one for the Burton movie were all great, but since then it's been disaster after disaster.


As for a Lego-based one, if Jonathan is still producing (I'll go ask him) I'm sure it will be awesome.

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The only thing they're missing is the fact that with Star Wars, part of the fun was the "iconic" action sequences/cutscenes that were redone using Lego. Unless you're basing things off particular Batman movies/series etc, you're not really going to have that this time around.


The geek in me wants levels based around different major comics arcs though, possibly taking place in different time periods, but I don't think that you'd get enough kids interested in a set of levels based around Year One or Dark Knight Returns... Still, a Lego Version of the killing Joke could be funny (Lego joker shooting the legs off of a Lego Barbara Gordon :) )


Agreed that Harry Potter could make for a great game though. Probably not enough to make a game per book, but making maybe 2 or 3 games for the entire series? They also don't have the license/designs, but a Lego Indiana Jones would be absolutely perfect for the format.

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Yeah, it would have to be a different game, but its not unworkable. Star Wars is an ensemble piece and the game reflects that. Each char type has a very limited by neccessary function. With Batman, really one char (or two) can do it all.


I would think that 2 player co-op would be a big part of the experience as Batman/Robin are the most famous hero/sidekick duo in the comic biz. Perhaps giving Bats and Robin a new gadget every few levels and hence removing the need to have that Star Wars' emsemble feel would be wise.


I wouldn't rule out some sort of online deathmatch fun either. I'd line up to play LEGO Joker and whack some Bat behind in multi...

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