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DVD Roundup 9/10-9/16


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HDDVD Releases

House of Wax (2005) (Warner)

Lethal Weapon 2 (Warner)

Red Dragon (Universal)

Seabiscuit (Universal)

Space Cowboys (Warner)

That's the Way of the World (BCI)

Traffic (Universal)

Troy (Warner


Blu-Ray Releases





SW Original Trilogy BB exclusive Tin $59.99

SW Original Trilogy Movies Hot Price

SW Episode III $16.99

Greys Anatomy S2 $34.99

The Wild $19.99

Smallville S5 $37.99

Smallville S1-4 $32.99 Each

Desperate Housewives S2 $44.99

Lost S2 $44.99

Beavis and Butthead The Movie $12.99

Taps $12.99

Lucky # Sleven $17.99

Stella S1 $19.99

Goal! $19.99

Las Vegas S3 $39.99

The Office Severance Package Gift Set $42.99 (Includes S1 and S2)

The Office S2 $32.99

Voltron V1 (Supposed to come out the 29th, so check before going to buy)

Final Destination 3 $14.99

Scary Movie 4 $14.99

Inside Man $16.99

Benchwarmers $16.99



Virgin Suicides

Beverly Hills Cop

Empire of the Sun

City of Angels

Queen of the Damned

Flash Dance

Last Boyscou


The Saint

Dumb and Dumberer

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Cell

I am Sam



SW Original Trilogy Movies w/ Free Lithographs Hot Price

SW Episode I , II or III $9.99

Clone Wars V1 or V1 $9.99

Greys Anatomy S2 $37.99

Greys Anatomy S1 $14.99

The Wild Hot Price

Smallville S5 $37.99

Smallville S1-4 $29.99 Each

Beavis and Butthead The Movie $12.99

Taps $12.99

Lucky # Sleven $16.99

Stella S1 $17.99

Goal! $19.99

Las Vegas S3 $37.99

The Office S2 $29.99

The Office S1 $17.99

Backdraft SE $12.99

United 93 $19.99

Sentinel $19.99

Chico and Guapo S1 $17.99

Wildboyz S3/4 $27.99





Mask of Zorro



Are We There Yet


Brians song

Jerry McGuire


Finding Forrest

50 First Dates

Today you Die

Donnie Brasco





Underworld 2

Memoirs of the Geisha

Freedom Land

Hollowman 2


When a Stranger Calls

Shadow Man

Pink Panther

Stuart Little 2

Second Command

The Detonator

End Game

The Warrior



Buy Samsung Player ($999) get 2 free movies

Terminator $24.99

Into the Blue $24.99

Training Day $24.99

RV $27.99

Ultra Violet $27.99

Underworld Evolution $27.99

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Some Stella reruns at like 1AM last night prompted me to check if Stella S1 finally came out, and indeed it did! That show kind of slipped off the radar and I didn't see the last half of the season so some of it will be new to me. It's also in some kind of strange, not-cancelled-not-renewed limbo so maybe DVD sales will help it get picked up again, but I don't get the feeling it has that large of a following.

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