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Who wants to start an NHL2K7 League?


Who wants to start an NHL2K7 League?  

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  1. 1. Who wants to start an NHL2K7 League?

    • Yes, count me in.
    • Maybe, waiting to see the results of this poll
    • No, NHL07 for me. Or I'm just not interested.

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The reason we are choosing 2k7 is for the inclusion of online leagues. EA's NHL simply doesn't support online leagues, league stat tracking and league home webpages.


Have you guys played the previous NHL 2k games? These league features rise 2k above being just another way to play hockey on a console. If you haven't seen thier leagues before, check them out here.


I'll already grant you that EA's game is prettier and has smoother graphics, but from what I've sampled, IMO both games should be fun to play. 2k antes up the fun factor with it's leagues competition.

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I really enjoyed the 2k5 league, but am skeptical about people sticking with it through a season.

Same. I had a great time with the 2k5 league when I played through it, but if folks don't plan to stick it through to the end, I don't see a point. I'm interested in trying 2k7 though and if there is a league put together that does look to get off the ground and go the whole way through you can count me in.

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