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Resident Evil : Umbrella Chronicles (Wii) and Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

Angry the Clown

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Information shamefully culled from posts in forums elsewhere online…


Resident Evil on the Wii , or 'Biohazard: Umbrella Corp Chronicles' as it has been announced in Japan, will apparently fill in the story on Umbrella before and leading up to the events of Resident Evil 4, notably those between Code Veronica and 4. Characters include Chris/Claire, Leon / Ada, Jill / Carlos, Rebecca, Hunk and Wesker .


Gameplay will be a mix between using the Wii controller as a light gun and Resident Evil 4 style elements (e.g. action buttons pressing X for a dramatic scene). It will boast two gameplay modes - scenario mode and arcade.


The game features scenarios from Resident Evil (museum), Resident Evil 2 (police station), Resident Evil 3 (raccoon city), Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4 (village) and ties in


More to come at TGS.

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This sounds interesting. Hopefully it's all new material and not just rehashed scenes from previous games updated to use the Wii-mote.


Like THAT would ever happen. What freakin' museum was in Resident Evil 1 though, I wonder. Still, it beats going back to that damn mansion for the 1 billionth farkin' time. ;)


The only way they could excite me in that scenario would be by giving me an actual pair of nunchuks to swing in game to smack the killer dogs up, Bad Dudes style.

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There's a bunch of new information on Resident Evil Wii. First, this wil not be a lightgun game so no Resident Evil Survivor horror stories necessary.:) Here's a few other bulletpoints:


-The game consists of 4 "chapters", RE1's mansion, RE2's RPD, RE3's city areas and RE4's village (plus surrounding areas).

-Each chapter has 2 characters to choose from. RE1 has Jill and Chris, RE2 has Leon and Claire, RE3 has Jill and Carlos and RE4 has Leon and Ada.

-There are several characters that can be unlocked by playing through the game: Rebecca Chambers, Hunk and Albert Wesker.

-The gameplay of all chapters is designed around RE4's. Press the B trigger on the wiimote to go into over-the-shoulder view, aim with the pointer and press A to fire.

-The game will have QTEs, but rather than push buttons you have to make motions with the wiimote in order to get through them.

-All characters will have m?l?e attacks, just like RE4.

-To encourage replayablility, each character has strengths and weaknesses, similar to how in RE4:Mercenaries Ada had the least health, Krauser was the slowest, etc.

-Just like in RE4:Mercenaries each character has a unique set of weapons. What's more players can only carry 2 weapons at any one time. Chris gets a pistol and shotgun whilst Jill gets a pistol and grenade launcher.

-You will be able to find several new weapons during each stage. For example, RE1 will have Richard's shotgun, RE2 will have the Desert Eagle, RE4 will have the Chicago Typewriter. There will also be new weapons like Krauser's anti-personnel robots.

-Similar to Devil May Cry 3, after each chapter you can save your data and any new weapons picked up will be available for use in Arcade Mode.

-Arcade Mode is like a giant Mercenaries minigame, where you pick a character and stage and blast through it. Building on the resounding success of Mercenaries seen when RE4 was released.

-Scenario mode will feature a large number of ingame cutscenes.

-New content not in the games that the chapters were based on will be added. The primary goal of this will be to link RE4 and Umbrella's status more closely with the rest of the series.

-Ammo conservation will play a part in the gameplay, so it's not just constant action like RE4.

-Trailer coming at TGS.


Sounds fantastic and if it's using the Resident Evil 4 engine it should be a real looker for the Wii.

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New information from IGN. It looks like the game itself has changed from a Mercenaries style shooter to a more fleshed out survival horror experience. It will also support 480p and 16:9:




March 28, 2007 - Capcom is holding a Gamers Day event on April 12 to showcase at least part of its 2007 lineup and several Wii projects are expected to be on-hand, including the tentatively named Treasure Island Z. In addition, some reports indicate that the studio may choose this venue to unveil the anticipated Wii survival-horror sequel, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.


Capcom's senior director of strategic planning and research, Christian Svensson, hasn't confirmed whether Umbrella Chronicles will be on-hand at the event. But he did reveal that the title will support both 480 progressive-scan and 16:9 widescreen modes whenever it finally ships for Nintendo's new console. Svensson was unsure if the game would run in Dolby Pro Logic II, though.


Very little has been confirmed officially about Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, but some details have been pieced together based on reports from Famitsu and comments from Capcom officials. The title is being led by Masachika Kawata, who handled the port of Resident Evil 4 to PlayStation 2. According to Famitsu, the title will consist of two parts, including a more traditional survival horror experience that transpires between Code Veronica X and RE4, and another mode where gamers can play as various characters from the universe and traverse areas from the previous projects.


Capcom's American branch has remained reluctant to speak about the game, since details generally come from Japan first or, alternatively, are announced worldwide at official events, such as the company's forthcoming Gamers Day. We've got our fingers crossed for more.

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New scan in Famitsu with some interesting info:


- 1st person Shooting Mechanic

- The story revolves around the destruction of Umbrella Corp.

- Chris, Jill, Rebecca, Billy, Wesker are all apparently playable




Another interesting tidbit for Resident Evil fans - Resident Evil 4 Wii has been confirmed. For those not following, Gamestop had a listing for a Wii version of RE4 that was pulled shortly after it appeared. The game had a list price of $29.99. This Famitsu article looks to have finally confirmed its existence. The game is set to include all of the bonus features on the Playstation 2 version of the game along with new enemies, a waggle enabled knife attack, and all of the cutscenes redone in full real time thanks to the Wii's extra horsepower.


Personally, Resident Evil 4 AGAIN is a bit much with one HUGE exception. If all they add is a waggle knife attack to this Wii release of RE4, Capcom should have thier heads examined! A version of Resident Evil 4 on the Wii in proper widescreen, with all of the PS2 bonuses, and with full Wiimote aiming capabilities? Yeah, I'd plop down another $30 for what I consider to be one of the best games released last generation.

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Personally, Resident Evil 4 AGAIN is a bit much with one HUGE exception. If all they add is a waggle knife attack to this Wii release of RE4, Capcom should have thier heads examined! A version of Resident Evil 4 on the Wii in proper widescreen, with all of the PS2 bonuses, and with full Wiimote aiming capabilities? Yeah, I'd plop down another $30 for what I consider to be one of the best games released last generation.


Ditto that. Although, I'm not sure that I would want the game to feature the Wii remote for aiming. As crazy as that sounds, hear me out. I think it would make the game too easy. Resident Evil 4 was designed for a system that used an analog stick for aiming and the speed of the enemies as well as other elements of the game were all balanced according to that.


If you add in Wii-mote aiming, suddenly, I'll be able to shoot at enemies with a degree of speed and accuracy that would make it less of a challenge, and therefore less fun and exciting. Either the game would have to move a lot faster to keep the challenge, or they'd have to stick with analog controls for aiming and leave everything else as is. Personally, I'd prefer the latter.


I don't double dip often on games, but I will for this one, especially if proper 16:9 support is added. I only have the GameCube version (I only rented the PS2 version for the additional content) so it wouldn't be a bad deal for me to get the Wii version.

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Another scan:




Also, the first scans of RE4 are out there:






The cursor looks to have changed somwhat so perhaps the possibility of Wiimore aiming isn't entirely out of the question? I'm hoping so.


You make some great points Jeff. Some of which I definitely agree with. However, I frankly do not find the Wiimote accurate enough to completely kill the challenge in Resident Evil 4. It's an in between for me. It's definitely more accurate then a joystick but not anywhere near as accurate as a mouse. So while I do feel the difficulty may suffer somewhat, I feel the gain in accuracy (especially over trying to aim with the analog stick on the Nunchuck attachment) is worth the compromise.

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It's confirmed:


...The Wiimote is used to aim a targeting cursor in order to target and fire at your enemies. To reload, you hold down on the B trigger and shake the Wiimote. In case you were wondering, the built-in speaker is being programmed with a reload sound effect.


The Wiimote is also used for close-range attacks. When an enemy approaches, all you have to do is give the Wiimote a little of the shake-shake. The game automatically detects the direction of the enemy and makes Leon perform a knife attack. This move can also be used against trees and barrels.


The rest of the game has also been modified to take account of the Wii's unique controller. Interactive event scenes display the Wii buttons when prompting for input. Some events require that you shake the Wiimote.


A trailer for the first original Wii entry in the Resident Evil series (RE:UC) will be included with RE4 Wii Edition. RE4 is set for Japanese Wii release on 5/31


Resident Evil 4 Wii confirmed


First Umbrella Chronicles Details. Survival horror? How about survival shooting?


...Umbrella Chronicles takes place from the first person as your characters move through a fully 3D mansion. Using the Wiimote, you take aim at enemies and fire away. You have control over your path only at the occasional branch points in the stages. Everywhere else, you're on a fixed path, although you are free to look around. Doing so is apparently the key to discovering secret items.


Outside of the first person shooting, the game will bring back the command-based event sequences of Resident Evil 4. During these sequences, you'll get to see the main characters directly face off against attacking zombies.


The game's storyline looks like it will fit the name "Chronicles." You can expect to be filled in on the details behind everything from RE0 all the way to collapse of the Umbrella Corporation at the start of RE4. As for the full game, it's currently 25% complete and without a final release date.


Umbrella Chronicles Details

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Have you played a shooting game on the Wii yet? Using the Wiimote to aim will ruin RE4 for the shear fact that it sucks as an aiming device. ;)


I'm sorry, but I have to totally disagree with you on this. The pointer function on the Wiimote is incredibly accurate. The level of speed and precision you can reach with it are far greater than any analog joystick. Whether it beats a mouse is up for debate, but I'm not that well versed if PC FPSs, so I can't say I prefer one over the other.


I think that the problem some people have is that the act of pointing at the screen and shooting is not one that many of us have developed over the years. Sure, many here will swear by the keyboard and mouse, saying that it's the most accurate form aiming a weapon, but how many years have we been using it for first-person shooters now? It's a skill that we've developed over time, but I doubt that when any of us played our first PC FPS, the controls came naturally. I know it took a while for me to get used to them on Quake III. I think that given enough time and experience, many of us could become as good at aiming with the Wiimote as we are with a mouse... provided a better FPS comes out on the Wii sometime soon.


As for Resident Evil 4, I'm still not sure that I think that Wii remote aiming is such a great idea, but we'll see. To get a version with true 16:9 support and all the content on the PS2 version at a price of $30 is too good a deal to pass up.

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I noticed that one of the button sequences alternated between hitting A and the trigger button B.

I do believe you may be thinking of earlier in that sequence. The boulder chase is specifically discussed in the interview and to make Leon run you'll have to shake the Wiimote. Hitting the A+B simultaneously will make him jump out of the way of the boulder at the end of the sequence. You won't be alternating between the two.;)


For those interested, here's the Japanese trailer for Umbrella Chronicles



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The problem I have with the Wiimote pointer is due to distance. I mentioned it in the Wii thread. It seems like the Wiimote falls apart for me around the 11 foot mark. It gets way too shaky. At closer distances it isn't bad, but I don;t think it is the most accurate thing in the world....yet. I put it just under the 360 controller for aiming accuracy....and way far beyond what a mouse can do. In time I think the Wiimote can be an excellent aiming device for shooters. Too bad everything else will lack in them. :)



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