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Logitech announces Harmony 1000 Touchscreen - Pronto Cries


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The Harmony 1000 remote?s touch-sensitive screen makes the renowned Harmony activity control even easier by displaying the important controls when they are immediately relevant. And unlike some of today?s high-end universal remotes, the Harmony 1000 remote controls any device with an infrared receiver ? including VCRs, digital video recorders, high-definition televisions, and many household appliances. Using radio frequency (RF) technology, the Harmony 1000 remote can also control multi-room entertainment systems and high-end components hidden behind closed doors, when used in combination with the optional Logitech? Harmony? Wireless Extender (sold separately). Meanwhile, its stunning brushed-chrome and piano-black finish makes the Harmony 1000 remote an aesthetic complement to today?s most sophisticated living rooms.


Not really sure of the ergonomics of the unit, but know the ease of use that Logitech brings will have Prontos fearing eBay all over the place.



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Didn't want to start a new thread so I'll bring this one back from the dead and piggyback, picked up an 1100 and the PS3 adaptor today. Coming from an 880 with a non working screen and quite a few non functioning buttons it's a huge upgrade, the touchscreen rocks and I love not having to go hunting for the PS3 remote every time I want to watch a bluray.


Gave the 880 to my brother, he took out the battery, cleaned the contacts and put dabs of hot glue on the bad buttons and now it's working pretty damn close to fine. No matter, I needed to go touchscreen anyway :)

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