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Lost Odyssey - Xbox 360

Romier S

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It looks like we're finally going to be getting some real information on Lost Odyssey. This is Sakaguchi's second game out for the Xbox 360 from his Mistwalker studios (currently developing Blue Dragon) and it definitely appears quite a bit more serious than Blue Dragon. Here's the current info from the latest Famitsu:


- 30 fps

- In the opening movie for Lost Odyssey you can seamlessly input commands for the battle scene.

- Combat is not action driven but command menu driven.

- The playable demo lasts for 40-60 minutes.

- The final game will have even higher quality visuals than the demo.

- The modeling for the characters in the in-game movies are almost identical to the realtime models.

- Inoue (the character designer) is personally overseeing the in-game models.

- The demo's battles will just feature the most basic part of the system. The more indepth systems will be excluded.

- The character growth systems and so on will be in the final game only.

- Surviving enemies inherit the powers of those who are killed.

- Since the main character cannot die either there will not be a possibility of game over.

- The final game will use a physics system of some kind.

- The final text message on the playable demo was written by Shigematsu (scenario writer for the various short stories that make up the game).

- Lost Odyssey will be playable at TGS, with the demo disc being released with Famitsu in early November.

- Lost Odyssey will be out in 2007.

- Blue Dragon will DEFINITELY be released within 2006.

- ASH is being targeted for the first half of 2007.

- There will be more titles being announced from Mistwalker.


Here's a scanned image from Famitsu:



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Goodness, I'm utterly shocked this game isn't getting more attention. There was a really nice HD video posted over at Xboxyde that was taken down at MS's request. I'm trying to find it at the moment but there are screen captures of the game in motion with menus and all. It looks gorgeous....









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A few more:








This along with Blue Dragon, Mass Effect and a few other titles could very well make for a great year for role playing gamers on the 360 (both JRPG and Western style RPG lovers).

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I picked this up last night and played about six hours worth. I'd had an itch to play a JRPG of late and, so far, Lost Odyssey is just the balm I'd been looking for.


Every review I'd read had made sure to point out the game's load times. However, while the loading screens are many, I didn't find them over long or too distracting. Perhaps our tolerance for such things, in a generation of games that often have done away with loading screens altogether is lowering our collective tolerance of these pauses in gameplay.


I have not played many JRPGs. I played FFVII and loved it, played FFX and didn't like it so much, and have played some of Persona 3 (which I have to go back to). Even to a relative neophyte such as myself, Lost Odyssey is very familiar, from the transitions to a battle from the map to the end of battle music to the brooding, emo hero Kaim. However, this familiarity did not breed contempt, instead it facilitated my entry into the world, already comfortable with the basic mechanics.


I am six hours in thus far and, to this point, the story has real depth to it, courtesy of the much talked about Dreams of a Thousand Years, text narratives that provide glimpses into Kaim's past, the past he as forgotten through a thousand years of immortality. I've unlocked three stories so far and each story has been interesting. There is something to reading it rather than watching it as a cut-scene. My feeling is that the text allows more expression and introspection than more visual methods. It also forces the reader to actively take part in the telling as opposed to passively absorbing it.


The combat is nothing new save for the rings feature which adds a timing based mini-game to maximize damage or add secondary effects, depending upon the ring equipped. Equipment itself is very simplified, with only three slots available: weapon, accessory, and ring. That's it. I would have liked options for armor but it does keep item management relatively simple.


Accessories perform a vital function because they enable skill abilities that can be learned by Kaim and other immortals who cannot learn skills themselves. They mush either absorb them from accessories or from mortal companions through skill linking. Once absorbed, the immortal can use it without equipping the accessory or having the skill linked. This system adds variety to what you choose to teach to different characters but it does introduce some micro-management through the administration of skills, skill links, and accessories to maximize the learning curve.


The voice acting of the English language track is very good. Often, when watching anime, I can't take the English dubs and switch, as soon as possible, to the original language track. However, Lost Odyssey has been the exception as the voice-work has been uniformly top-notch. While Kaim is the man of few expressions and fewer words, his silence is filled by Jansen, a colorful rogue fonder of women than of adventure.


If there is anything odd or off-putting about the dialog, it is that the characters have often spoken of their own country as if it's somewhere else - I presume to instill the location names into the player but those lines come off a bit stilted, unnatural. This is a very small nit picked from excellent work.


At this point, the best thing I can say about this game is that I was sorely tempted to fire it up this morning before I came to work even though I knew I didn't really have time to do it. I held off but that I was reaching for the controller before I even realized it is about the highest praise I can give the game so far.

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Thanks for the impressions Union :)


This in particular...

"At this point, the best thing I can say about this game is that I was sorely tempted to fire it up this morning before I came to work even though I knew I didn't really have time to do it."

Tells me alot about the game


I'll be looking for this one this weekend :)

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Just one word of warning, in case you haven't seen the 8 page (at last count) thread on GAF, the packaging is awful. The game is four discs and one appears to have been deliberately left to float loose within the case. Another disc is in a paper sleeve. It is awful (particularly since the Asian/Australian version is packaged correctly) and they are deservedly getting ripped for it. My disc emerged unscathed and, after that first WTF? moment, it was a non-issue. However, YMMV.

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