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PC Game Trade-ins?


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Well, they wouldn't take my CM01-02 ("No SKU in our database") or my Once Upon a Knight ("Sorry, it's marked not for resale), but they took the rest. $48 for Black & White + Max Payne on the PC, Ghost Recon, Phantom Crash & Medal of Honour on the Xbox.


Not the best, but at almost $10 per title, better than I expected. Getting FFT (for two plane journies next week...) & PSO on the XBox for $7 make it okay...

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You might... Going to spend some time with it offline as oddly enough, I really enjoy just playing through the levels solo... Might sub again for one month to do the new levels/challenges once I'm beefed up - won't be for a while.


I'll get more play out of this & FFT than I did the PC games I traded in, that's for sure ;)

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