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Devil May Cry 4 Discussion (PS3, 360, & PC)

Romier S

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Some more information is being released about Devil May Cry 4 including sketches of what good old Dante will look like in the final game. The developers are going for an older Dante here meaning that this game will be a true sequel to the original Devil May Cry. You can take a look at an early sketch for Dante here:




You can take a look at more here:


Dante designs


They've mentioned that they are toying with giving Dante a beard. That would be pretty unique considering the young look Dante's had since the beginning of the series.


Some other comments from the producer and director working on the Playstation 3 incarnation of DMC:


-Dante's apperance will be older, cooler, and will also supposedly have a beard.


-Kobayashi feels that at first, he wanted to make DMC4 easier, but then realized this would go against the wishes of many fans. So instead, he wants to make the game 'easier to control' and 'get into' instead of making the game easier strategically.


-Itsuno (the game's director) concering the difficulty says, DMC4 will be a hard game, "there is no turning back now" is how the translated quote goes.


-The overall 'game' will drastically increase in DMC4, says the director Itsuno. Saying that it will have more weapons/moves/bosses/enemies/speed/sound/design/scene atmosphere than DMC1, DMC2, and DMC3 combined.


-Kobayashi says that he can't comment on PS3's maximum graphical potential, but says that the lowest minimum bar on how DMC4 looks in real-time is that of the TGS trailer.


-Kobayashi does not know when DMC4 will be done (no release date or a rough quarter/period) is known.


-And lastly the producer says the next time you will see DMC4 is when it's running entirely in real-time with final designs.

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I mentioned this in the 360 E3 thread, but its relevant here too. In this month’s Famitsu Hiroshi Kobayashi has revealed that Devil May Cry 4 is likely to end up on the 360 and the Wii (!) and no longer remain exclusive to the Playstation brand.




What’s more, I also mentioned in the other thread the curious advert in a per from Microsoft at E3 that was inviting Hideo Kojima to “Jump In,” which may be desperation on their part to get him to develop for the 360, or a hint at the future. It’s especially interesting given Kojima once said to 1up that he found there to be next to no difference in the capabilities of the 360 vs the PS3, and that he didn’t have anything against the 360 at all. You can’t help but wonder if a ‘Substence/Subsistence’ version of Guns of the Patriots might find its way onto the 360 in 2008 or something.

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As I've just said in another thread, I really doubt there are too many 3rd party developers ready to absolutely, definitely rule out a 360 version of any PS3 games at the moment. Until we know how the complaints about the PS3 price actually play out into people buying it or not, we just don't know whether the huge development budgets involved in these titles can be recouped without going multiformat.

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False alarm. Turns out nobody in the gaming press actually understands Japanese.


We have since had confirmation that the original article confirms Devl May Cry 4 as a Playstation3 exlcuisve, with no plans to take Dante onto the Xbox 360 or Nintendo Revolution. Sorry DMC fans...





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The Devil May Cry 4 teaser site is up with an ominous "9 Days" until new information on the game is released. So what's the big deal? It looks to me as though Dante's arm has transformed into an actual sword now! I can already tell you that this will probably be the game that breaks down any walls I have toward the PS3.;) Check it out:



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Famitsu Scans of Devil May Cry 4 at Jeux France:




A breakdown of key comments translated from the article:


  • Yuji Shimomura is once again directing the cut scenes
  • The main character is Nero
  • The gameplay systems will be similar to the games before this
  • Takes place between DMC1 and DMC2
  • 60fps
  • Besides guns and swords you also use Nero's right arm to pull off devil actions with the "Devil Bringer", its an ability that the PS2 could not handle
  • The TGS demo will have you playing Nero as well
  • It's not clear whether or not Dante will be playable, but he will appear in the game.
  • Even though the main character is Nero, he looks almost exactly like Dante.
  • The game will be PLAYABLE at TGS... along with a SURPRISE announcement.
  • Nero has devilish right arm. He can draw enemies toward himself and then throw them.
  • He starts to realise his powers in DMC4. DMC4 portraits Nero when the his earns his powers and hereafter.
  • They chose Nero because Dante was overused (3 games) & they wanted to put the new users and the old fans in the same starting line for DMC4.
  • Nero looks like Dante because the silver and red coat is more like a symbol to the DMC series
  • "Dante is grim and he can't settle down. As story progresses the situation changes, how's that?" says Kobayashi meaning that Dante might be playable.
  • They introduced the right arm draw-throw system because in DMC3 when you beat the enemies, combos brake. Besides expect the sword and weapons this system provides multiple choices and the fun expands, however depending on the enemy you can't draw and throw everyone of them.
  • The combo system has the one from DMC3 as base & they are revising/reworking details according to the fans' comment and remarks


All news and translation info shamefully stolen form elsewhere on the web.

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That definitely looks like the Lost Planet engine at work which as noted by Capcom is thier "next gen" engine. One they've been working on porting to the Playstation 3 and will use across multiple titles. I've no problem this mind as Lost Planet and Dead Rising are both great looking titles and those screens are quite nice.

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Who here actually played through DMC3?

/raises hand. I've beaten DMC3 on almost all difficulty levels aside from Dante Must Die mode (which I'm working through over time). It is my personal favorite action game of this past generation.


I hear it was hard as hell, to its detriment.

Some say the same of Ninja Gaiden. I would disagree on both counts. However, I enjoy a good challenge so I can see how others would disagree with my viewpoint on the subject. Regardless, DMC3 got a Special Edition very much like Ninja Gaiden Black that added a slew of content including a new playable character, a multi-level endurance challenge, and a super easy mode for those that couldn't deal with the games default difficulty (which really wasn't that hard to begin with if you took the time to build Dante early on). It's funny that you can see similiar design choices in DMC3 and Dead Rising. Both games allow you to replay levels to build your character and if you want to get ahead in DMC3, that's exactly what you will need to do.


The combat system in the game is truly the star though. I love the different style choices. Also, the ability to switch weapons and firearms in the middle of a combo really opens up some crazy looking stuff. If you've not seen a video of a true DMC pro playing the game, you just have no idea of the kind of experience this game can offer.


And is the original DMC producer handling this title?

Same team that handled DMC3 is handling this game from what I've read with some changes in the higher up positions. Nothing to worry about on that front.I do believe Capcom learned its lessons from DMC2.


DMC4 is a huge game for me. It'll be the reason I will eventually buy the Playstation 3.

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Who here actually played through DMC3? I hear it was hard as hell, to its detriment. What are the murmors about this one's difficulty? And is the original DMC producer handling this title? I remember people not liking DMC2 and attributed that to the original producer not being involved.



I got through the first few levels of it. It was way harder than DMC1 - I thought DMC1's difficulty was just right. I hate easy games.


I got stuck on the 2 bosses Agni & Rudra. Then the baby was born, and I only picked it up and played it a few times since then (and kept getting my ass kicked by Agni and Rudra).

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New screenshots (and a better quality version of one of the ones we saw before)!












Christ I want this game. I want it badly. There is zero doubt I will own a PS3 very close this games release. Something I notice in those screenshots though, is Dante looking older to anyone else out there? I'm talking "fatherly" old. Perhaps NERO isn't, in fact, Dante's brother Nelo Angelo from the original Devil May Cry. Instead, maybe we're dealing with Dante's son here?

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