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MegaMan ZX (DS)

Mark E

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Anybody else pick this up? I was curious enough thanks to the good reviews it's been getting and the fact that I haven't played an original MegaMan game in a long time. Set in the further future of the MegaMan Universe (I have no idea where that leaves us time-wise, since MegaMan was something like 200X, MegaMan X was 20XX, and this is further along... 2XXX maybe? :P), it tells the tale of humans fighting against the usual forces of chicanery.


The most interesting change would be the switch from traditional MegaMan hub game to a Metroid and Castlevania style open map. You get your missions from townspersons and friends and then hoof it to the area you're looking for. Transporters scattered around the landscape give you a means of quick transit.


Another neat bit is that the traditional MegaBuster is a suit of armor worn by your human character, which you can put on and take off to do your best superhero impression (and there is a point to this, as wearing it in populated areas freaks out both the defense forces and locals who subsequently refuse to speak with you).


Lots of niceties in the graphics department. Anybody who loved that little opening cinema in Castlevania Dawn of Sorrows will be equally thrilled by the use of a video codec to give you some nice quality video for special events (the first time you power up with the X suit is pretty cool). Minimal use of the DS screen, i.e. none at this point, but otherwise this looks like a nice platformer and one of the more unique MegaMan titles in recent memory.

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