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Calling WinXP Experts

Sam P

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I recently got a Gateway notebook computer running XP Pro.


However, I just noticed that even when my computer is idle with nothing but antivirus running, I get CPU activity. The little LED indicator flickers lightly in periodic intervals and I hear light clicks. It's as if its doing something in the background.


Under Task Manager, my CPU Usage fluctuates betwen 0-5%, mostly in the 1-2% range. I've tried closing various processes, including closing the AntiVirus, but the CPU idle activity is still there - there's just less. There are 29 processes running, and most appear to be from Windows because when I close most of them my system becomes unstable.


I've scanned my computer, no viruses. My Panda antivirus is up to date.


Really, what I'm trying to ask is whether idle activity is normal. In past Windows-based machines I've used, I didn't notice much idle activity. I'm wondering if its a typical XP thing or perhaps even a notebook computer thing. It's a Pentium M Centrino, if that matters.


Actually, any insight would be great.


Edit: There's definitely more idle activity with the antivirus activated.


I'm wondering if all computers have a small measure of activity even when idle, and its simply that I'm only noticing it now because Im sitting so close to the notebook. Its also much quieter than my desktop machines, with the fan seldom running. Just dead silent.

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Originally posted by Sam P@Oct 4 2003, 08:16 PM

Really, what I'm trying to ask is whether idle activity is normal.

Yes, CPU idle activity is normal. If your laptop came preconfigured from Gateway then more than likely the System Restore function is still enabled. This will cause activity from your CPU as it is basically monitoring for any changes in your system state for future recovery purposes.


Your situation is normal, so there is nothing to worry about :)

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