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Discussion: Where would you like to see game technology go?

The Daisy

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One little word sums up nicely what I want (and see) game technology going: dynamic. What I mean by that is things need to be less canned.


Right now, outside of ragdolling, by & large the animations that a character can do in a game are all precreated by a team of animators. Instead, I want a character to have a physical set of behaviours that obey correct rulesets to drive those animations - it may be animation driven, it may be 100% code generated, that doesn't matter. I just don't want it all to be preset. I want my characters to change how they move based on a changing environment.


And I want my environment to change if it suits the game. I'm bored of precreated breakables where wooden tables break in the same place every time. I want the physical objects in my world to behave like they should - if a door's wooden & I've got a sledgehammer, I want to be able to break it & do a "Here's Johnny" :) I want level designers have to have a notion of architecture in the worlds they build, thinking of the physical properties of their rooms, and thinking of the consequences of their layout & construction.


I want AI partners that aren't brain dead & following preset paths, that feel closer to a human buddy playing. I don't want them to replicate a human - that's just not going to happen & frankly, it probably wouldn't be fun.


I want AI opponents that know how to work as a squad, that know when to retreat, when to flank, and how to use & abuse their weapons. I want an AI that presents a challenge, but isn't unbeatable. I want an AI that can navigate around a changing level to get at me. I don't want a "perfect AI". I want AI that changes & reacts to how I play - back to that word 'dynamic' again.

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This isn't necessarily a console want, its a generalized gaming want where I would like to see live play more personalized. In other words I would like the ability of stat tracking in Madden every time I play someone on my friends list, keeping track of wins/losses, rushing yards etc. Also in FPS games it would be fun to see how many times you killed a friend in GRAW etc.

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I'd like to see games, which are developed ususally for one-off experiences (matches, games, etc.), to be more persistant. What Bruce says is one element of that. Tournaments, leagues, rivalries, stats, scheduling, ... everything and anything they can do to give a sense that your life as a gamer doesn't start and stop at the beginning and end of every game. Achievements are a good element toward this. But this is the direction I think games have to go, if we're ever to get rid of the game-of-the-week syndrome.

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