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Mistwalker's Blue Dragon (X360)

Romier S

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It's time for the game to get its own thread now that a bunch of TGS footage and images are starting to roll in. For those unaware the game is being developed by Sakaguchi's Mistwalker studios. It will feature character designs by Akira Toriyama or Dragonball Z fame. As well as music from Final Fantasy mainstay Nobuo Uematsu.


You can download a very nice lookingTGS trailer right here:


Blue Dragon Trailer


Here's some images:









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Seems Famitsu has given Blue Dragon a excellent review. Saw this on 1up.com


Mistwalker's Blue Dragon for the Xbox 360 has managed to garner interest among Japanese gamers, and now the second part of the plan has been completed -- receive extremely favorable scores in Famitsu, the country's premiere videogame publication.


The scores, via GameFront, were 9, 9, 9, and 10, earning the game a 37/40. While this is nothing to scoff at, one has to wonder just exactly how many Xbox 360s Blue Dragon, with the amount of praise being directed its way, will be able to help sell?

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I don't believe MS have given any details on its eventual release date other than 2007, Camp.


As for the game itself, people with the Japanese version have compared it in tone to Skies of Arcadia. I put little faith in that Famitsu score as the more I hear about the background of the magazine, the less value they seem to have.

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I'm still anticipating this game. FF creator, Toriyama designs (:wub Dragon Quest), scored by the FF composer guy.




Nothing not to like.


This will probably be the bump factor that finally gets me on the 360 bandwagon next year.


The famitsu score just tells me that this isn't a stinker. I never trust reviews from just one place anyway.

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