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All Things Gran Turismo 5: It's really coming... We think

Romier S

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There was some mention of GT:HD in the main Playstation 3 thread. I'll copy that over here. You can read the summary:


+ They'll release 2 versions for the new Gran Turismo (they use the same "Gran Turismo HD" name of the E3 demo for the product names) for the PS3 soon. Both support online multiplayer.


+ The proper GT5 is going to hit in 2008. GT HD is meant to grow the rich network service before GT5. The online modes are based on the 4 modes in GT4:Online beta (Quick Race/Tuned Race/Private Race/Time Attack) and several other modes are added. The online will be launched worldwide at the same time.


+ Gran Turismo HD: Premium is essentially a GT5 prologue that uses the full graphics power of the PS3. (Pictures show a 3D spectator crowd, very detailed car models with interiors.) The weather changes while racing. It comes with 2 courses (both original and new, city and nature) and 30 cars including new ones. You can buy additional 30 cars and 2 courses (real circuits) later online. This version (or both GT HD, not sure) is a pure driving simulator and almost a tool. You don't get cars in in-game events, you just do whatever you want with games and courses or buy new ones via online.


+ Gran Turismo HD: Classic is what adopts the GT:HD playable demo at E3 and meant to showcase the online aspect. A race is done with about 20 cars. Apparently this version starts with no cars or courses. You download a car for 50 - 100 yen (0.43 - 0.85$) and a course for 200 - 500 yen (1.71 - 4.26$). Over 750 cars and 50 courses are available for purchase. Users can define race events freely and can hold online race events by themselves.


+ Not all cars and courses are available on the release date, they are added monthly. Some models may be a limited release for 1000 units. New playing modes and tuning parts may be available via download. It's still undecided if they allow trade among users in fear of real money trade.

There's been more information released about the game at TGS including some corrections of what has been stated above. Here's a summary of what we're going to see:


- Two games in one: Both games will be sold together as a package (no separate games as previously mentioned)

-The GT Premium portion of the game will feature 30 cars and two tracks (one of which is the mountainous course found in the TGS demo). Gran Turismo Classic, on the other hand, will feature approximately 770 cars, more than fifty tracks, and literally thousands of downloadable items.

- GT:HD Premium is a GT5 preview

- Customizations for creating your own teams and clubs

- There will be an editor for changing your license plate and personal/team logo editors

- Integrated BBS/voice chat, online community

- GT:HD/GT5 models are 20-times more complex then the GT-4 models.

- a GT4 model would take 1-2 months for an artist to complete, a GT5 takes up to 6-months

- GT:HD classic will have 770 cars/51 tracks/450 items (all downloadable for small fees. They showed a preview of the online store)

- GT:HD is designed to be played more casually ~30min everyday, versus 100 hours at once, this is the primary difference between GT:HD and "GT5".

- The inclusion of Ferrari is confirmed. They signed the deal at the eve of Micheal Schumacher's F1 victory at Monza (also where he announced retirement). The deal between Polyphony Digital and Ferrari doesn't end with Ferrari cars in GT; they will announce future collaborations later

- Damage, which Yamauchi jokingly referred to as "the homework (PD) always forgets to hand in" will be supported in GT HD. In some cases, race-trimmed cars might be able to incur more damage than street models; a move to appease still wary car manufacturers, who aren't necessarily keen on seeing their models cracked up in a game.

-Yamauchi was quick to point out that online will be a massive part of GT HD. Not only will things like online racing, car clubs, and leaderboards be supported, but the Polyphony Digital folks are banking on the networked side of the PS3's capabilities to providing a rich, and ever-changing list of updates, upgrades, and additions which will be created as the life of GT HD continues. Obvious examples include downloadable cars and tracks, but Yamauchi also said that regular AI updates will be supported along the way. Two artificial updates are already in the works for 2007 after the game is released.

There's no word on pricing for the GT:HD package as of yet.


I think someone mentioned in the previous thread that GT:HD was a big lie. Well, here's the truth.:D

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Pics of the Ferrari in Gran Turismo:HD (these are from the Gran Turismo 5 preview):












Streaming video also:




The environments look absolutely stunning. To my eyes, the car in the video seems a bit displaced from the environment though. Anyone else seeing that?

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Yeah, the car looks like it's ON the environment, rather than IN the environment...


It almost looks pasted on.

Right, you notice it quite a bit on the panned out shots of the game in motion. Once the camera moves in, everything is just fine and the game looks beautiful. No doubt something that will be fixed before the final game makes it onto store shelves, (it is a Spring '07 release afterall) but it just looked really odd to me.

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Yes, it sounds like they've decided to take what has always been an advance preview of GT5, and release it as, well, a demo of what we can expect from GT5. If this is what they mean by 'cancelled', given that the "GT4 in 1080p" aspect can presumably be achieved by sticking your regular PS2 copy of GT4 in the machine anyway, then it's an excellent decision.

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So, on the Japanese PS3 Store, there's a new high definition trailer/teaser for the upcoming "GT:HD" playable demo that's going to be released 'real soon'.


If the footage really is realtime & not some touched up gubbins, it's come on a long way since the last round of screenshots. All that's available is dodgy screengrabs of the footage, here's some examples:






Camcorder grab of the trailer...


IGN has details on the demo download that will be available on Christmas Eve.

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Update: Holy shit. Holy mother of G-d, and all things holy, does this game look amazing. If you thought those "target" videos were bullshots, you'd be horribly wrong. Wow. Only did the time trial, watching my replay now, and I just can't get over the driving physics, lighting, and general beauty of this, all the way down to the depth of field effects on the onlookers in the foreground.

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