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Couldn't pull the trigger on a SLR..


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Wife and I decided to buy a camera and we both couldn't pull the trigger on the Rebel XTI we thought we wanted. Instead we slummed it a bit and stepped down to the S3IS which is still a knockout camera. We both felt the XTI was a bit of a reach for both of us as we are camera noobs. This will get our feet wet better and be better prepared for the jump to SLR.


I bought a cheap 1gig Scandisk SD card(not ultra) start but I'll buy an Ultra version soon enough.


Wife wants a better printer, tripod and a backpack style camera case. Suggestions are welcome here.


I'll get an external card reader, photoshop, and better rechargables soon enough.


Other suggestions for accessories are also welcome.


Otherwise even at our relatively noobish skill level this camera takes stellar photos. Image Stabliization is NICE.

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I don't like to screw around when I buy something. I thought about the SLRs but they're way too much for my camera-noob ass. My dad (amateur photographer type, B.A. in Art) would benefit from one, but I only stumble through it.


But last year while camera hunting I decided an SLR was overkill.


I went with a $400 5.0MP 12x zoom Panasonic with stabilization instead, same sort of thing.

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