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Videogame cellphone media - ringtones, wallpaper, etc


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Hey guys


Wife upgraded us to new phones. I'm not a big cellphone guy - hell most of the time the only person I talk to on it is my wife - but she got me the RAZR V3m (verizon specific phone).


It's a PITA to get ringtones, wallpaper etc to the phone because Verizon wants you to pay them money for 'em. Screw that! :D I've found a few ways to do it, so now I'm looking for media.


Normally I'm not a big fan of dopey ringtones but the phone only does polyphonic ringtones, all of which sound kinda funky. I used the default standard ringer on my old Samsung and the calendar wallpaper :D Boring, I know.


Anyway, I'm looking for video game ringtones. I can use MP3 ringtones, but I think that for NES games polyphonic ones will be fine. So far I've dug up a Polyphonic Chocobo ringtone but an mp3 one would be better.


Anyone have some video game ringtones...or maybe wallpaper, etc? I'd kill for a Dragon Warrior IV ringtone :drool

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I bought a Verizon phone that tied you to their (pay) download service. A quick check online got me cellphone management software & I bought a particular USB cable through eBay. I can now upload/download any mp3 I want to it to use as a ringtone, my own photos etc. Much more managable. Might be worth doing some google searches for that particular model.

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I did see that I can get the Motorola Phone Tools software and it will do some of this for $30 MSRP. Bastards, charging me for the phone software!


My phone uses standard mini-usb so that's not a problem, but $20-$30 for software is! :furious


I can just email the midis to myself as a text message, that works OK so far.




I found vgmusic.com which has a HUGE archive of video game midis, many workable as ringtones. Got myself a Dragon Warrior IV midi.


I'm not finding a lot of sites with mp3 ringtones though, mostly midis.

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I use this converted to MP3 as my ringtone when I'm around the house. :) It's pretty easy to convert SID files to WAV using sidplay2, there's probably some similar programs that can act as MIDI synthesizers and output to WAV. Actually I think WinAmp has a MP3 output plugin, so if you can play MIDI's in there then conversion should be a snap.

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You should be able to use any MP3, doesn't need to be specifically called a ringtone. Surely you can find MP3s of your favorite game themes, no?



But then I have to pay for a microSD card for the cellphone :(


I don't want to drop full mp3s into the phone as ringtones...that would eat up a lot of space on the phone's internal memory. Plus then I have to illegally download mp3s which I try not to do anymore :D

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