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Have you had an Xbox 360 break down on you (three rings of death)?

Romier S

Have you had an Xbox 360 break down on you (three rings of death)?  

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  1. 1. Have you had an Xbox 360 break down on you (three rings of death)?

    • Yes, I have had one Xbox 360 break down
    • Yes, I have had multiple Xbox 360's break down (state number in thread)
    • No, but I've had lockups across several game titles
    • No, my system has functioned normally (minimal lockups, regular play without interruption)

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Got my 360 on 12/22/05 and haven't had problems, except one lockup that I remember and one that my sons reported.


This is despite regularly disconnecting the unit and moving it upstairs/downstairs since me and my kids share it.


Am I wrong for being kinda-sorta hopeful that it WILL have the ring of death before the year is out, just so I can get it over with and have it repaired/replaced for free?




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I'm getting about one lock-up a week, not in any particular game. (Even a couple times on the dashboard.) Considering I play it every day, one lock-up a week isn't too much of an inconvenience... but I do worry that it's the first step toward eventual failure.


I've also only had my machine for a couple months, and will be purchasing the extended warranty before the 90 days are up.

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Wow! I'm the only one so far that has voted having two systems with the three rings of death. My launch system locked up a few times and died that same day (around 7 months in without having any issue during that span). I received a refurb from MS which lasted a week. They shipped me a new system this time around.

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Mine ran perfectly until my brother started playing Oblivion. He left the game in the system shut off a few times and I think it might have done something to it. I occasionally get E86 errors when I first start the machine up, possibly due to the intercooler I have installed on it.


Nearly all the time when I start it up without a game in the machine and none of the fans on, it boots right up.

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