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Directv sued over HD-Lite


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I'm gonna disagree with all of you and say it depends on your display, your calibration, screen size, and expectations.

So what you are saying is if I have a 20" EDTV uncalibrated LCD I won't be able to tell the difference ;)


Directv is downrezzing that's for sure. There's no debate on that. It's whether or not that's acceptable is the real question. I think the guy suing Directv has some merit and if he wins he could potentially get Directv to reverse this. The only negative is to regain the bandwidth Directv will have to drop some channels. Directv specifically said that they reason they are adding bandwidth is to provide HD locals not national HD channels.

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Heh, I guess I would have to disagree with you kelley. I prefer the current 360 library to Aeon Flux, but I'm sure the picture quality is excellent. I do plan on picking up an HD player eventually, of course.

When you do, rent Aeon Flux and then come back to this thread. You'll see the error of your ways.

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