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The best Japanese/Chinese history based games?


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I just got done watching House Of Flying Daggers recently, and was inspired to find out if any of you know what games for any console, current or past, were the best either visually, and/or gameplay/storyline, based in feudal or medieval Japan or China.


They could be fictional, fantasy, historically inspired or accurate, RPG's, action, whatever....


I'm just on this Asian history kick now! :)

I've got the usual ones, the Tenchu's , Onimusha, Kessen, etc.

But I know there's alot more out there. I just can't find a place to start to track down games by that specific of a genre.



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Not to put too fine a point on it, but Chinese and Japanese histories are very different, and very contextual. They both look at the same events in incredibly different ways.


If you're really really interested in the history rather than the aesthetic (which is totally understanable), I'd say take one track at a time, just for intellectual satisfaction.


To that point, are there even any (if any?) historical Chinese games made by Chinese developers? I know the Japanese ones abound.

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I like the crab monsters thing... that was funny... lol.


But seriously, I am just looking for any other games than what I already have, that are even just based on Japanese/Chinese history, or even just an influence.


Fantasy action games like Tenchu or Onimusha, are using a visual reference to the time period, but with extreme license. ( demons, crab monsters, etc... ) whereas Kessen, or ROTTK are more based in historical fact of settings and warfare, etc.


I am just looking for more games on the subject, that are done well.

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