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Scarface coming to the PSP, with a twist...


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Scarface: The Strategy Game.


Only screenshots available:





This could be very cool if done right - better than making a GTA clone. But I suspect it'll end up being half-assed & crap... But I love the thoughts it puts into my head from those screenshots.


BTW, love the guy standing in the middle of the pavement.

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You know that could end up being really neat if done right. I've seen comparisons made to Drug Wars as a game folks would like to see this version of Scarface emulate. It makes sense to me though I have a sneaking suspicion you're on the nose about it ending up being garbage.


BTW, love the guy standing in the middle of the pavement.

Yes. Lovely clipping in display there. Either that or his legs have been chainsawed off by Tony.:D

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