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Wireless internet performance for gaming


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Hey guys


I'm currently on Charter cable modem for my internet.


The cable line from across the highway was knocked down again somehow. The charter guy told my wife "it's not worth my time to have the cops come out again to block off the road and put the line back up. We'll have to get a line installed under the road. My manager will call about it before 5pm".


Needless to say I got no call. I called back and found out that is sounds like service has been scheduled for 7-10 days. It's already been down since Saturday last week. ARGH. This is 2nd time this month it has been down and about the fifth time this year.


Anyone have wireless internet and can report how it is for gaming? I'm seriously considering ditching charter and geting wireless & Dish.


DSL is out of the question for me, I'm still too far away from the CO (I called to check, no change in last 2 years).


My local provider is most likely http://www.speednetllc.com. Apparently they use WIMAX...I've heard good things about the service but could only find a few references on the internet for latency/gaming performance.

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Well, no one from Charter will call me back and give me any sort of estimate on when they will run a cable under the road for me. For all I know it could be tomorrow or 2012.


I'm fed up with it. I called in and ordered Speednet wireless, they'll be out next Wed. Hopefully it works out. DISH network will be out tomorrow...one HD receiver for the projector and one DVR receiver for the 27" SDTV.


So much for my HTPC project. Argh. Now I have another spare computer!


My Charter was $35 internet + $13 basic cable = $48


Speednet will be $35 + DISH @ $29.99 for 10 months = $65 (+$20 more for 8 mo after that).


I'm glad to pay it. I've had enough of the classic cable company "we'll be there sometime on Tuesday" routine.

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