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Console launches all suck


Best Console Launch  

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  1. 1. Best Console Launch

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    • SNES
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    • Playstation
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    • Dreamcast
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Gotta go with the flaimbait title.


Anyway, someone posted this as a poll on DVDtalk and I found it interesting. I excised the Atari launch from his list and substituted the Sega Saturn :D Here's the launch lists for a bunch of recent consoles.


Vote and discuss!


I didn't realize all console launches suck as bad as they apparently do. I have to go with SNES for Super Mario World. Most launches I only see 1-2 titles tops I have any interest in.


I left out the 360 because I think there's still some rosy colored glasses on for the launch. We'll see how titles hold up in a few years.



* 10-Yard Fight

* Baseball

* Clu Clu Land

* Donkey Kong Jr. Math

* Duck Hunt

* Excitebike

* Golf

* Gyromite

* Hogan's Alley

* Ice Climber

* Kung Fu

* Mach Rider

* Pinball

* Stack-Up

* Super Mario Bros.

* Tennis

* Wild Gunman

* Wrecking Crew



* Space Harrier II

* Tommy Lasorda Baseball

* Last Battle

* Thunder Force II

* Altered Beast



* Super Mario World

* F-Zero

* Pilotwings


Sega Saturn:

* Virtua Fighter



* Battle Arena Toshinden

* ESPN Extreme Games

* Kileak - The DNA Imperative

* NBA JAM Tournament Edition

* Raiden Project

* Rayman

* Ridge Racer

* Street Fighter:The Movie

* Twisted Metal

* Warhawk

* Power Serve 3D Tennis

* Total Eclipse Turbo


Nintendo 64:

* Super Mario 64

* Pilotwings 64



* Airforce Delta

* Blue Stinger

* Expendable

* Flag to Flag

* House of the Dead 2

* Hydro Thunder

* Monaco Grand Prix

* Mortal Kombat Gold

* NFL 2K

* NFL Blitz 2000

* Pen Pen Tri-Icelon

* Power Stone

* Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

* Sonic Adventure

* Soul Calibur

* TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat

* Tokyo Xtreme Racer

* TrickStyle


Playstation 2:


* Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore

* Tekken Tag Tournament

* Armored Core 2

* Dynasty Warriors 2

* ESPN International Track & Field

* ESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding

* Eternal Ring

* Evergrace

* FantaVision

* Gungriffon Blaze

* Kessen

* Madden NFL 2001

* Midnight Club: Street Racing

* MotoGP

* NHL 2001

* Orphen: Scion of Sorcery

* Q-Ball: Billiards Master

* Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2

* Ridge Racer V

* Silent Scope

* Smuggler's Run

* Street Fighter EX3

* Summoner

* Swing Away Golf

* TimeSplitters

* Unreal Tournament

* Wild Wild Racing

* X-Squad



* Halo: Combat Evolved

* Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

* Dead or Alive 3

* Project Gotham Racing

* NFL Fever 2002

* Air Force Delta Storm

* Mad Dash Racing

* Cel Damage

* Arctic Thunder

* Fuzion Frenzy



* All-Star Baseball 2002

* Batman Vengeance

* Crazy Taxi

* Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

* Disney's Tarzan Untamed

* Luigi's Mansion

* Madden NFL 2002

* NHL Hitz 20-02

* Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

* Super Monkey Ball

* Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

* Wave Race: Blue Storm

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I havent bought many consoles at launch. However my favorite launch was Dreamcast



Power Stone

Soul Cal

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing


I would have to say 360 comes in 2nd for me. COD2 is still being played almost a year later. PD0 even if the single player was eh, multiplayer was played for a good 6-7 months. Still play PGR3 a lot as well

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You know what, I have to go with the original Xbox launch, simply because it had two killer apps that I needed to get. Around that point my roommates and I rented an Xbox, gamecube, and Ps2 for a weekend each to check out the relative merits, and the Xbox won hands down. Munch's Oddysee was a fantastic game (that deserved a proper sequel), and Halo was a great find. Most of the other launch consoles that I bought had one killer app (Mario 64, Mario World etc), but the Xbox just exuded promise at launch.

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Xbox, Halo, and system link ability. Did anyone have a 16 player Halo match when the Xbox first came out? My buddy used to have LAN parties all the time back then. People would borrow projectors from work, set them up in this guy's townhouse, and we would play until 2am on a weeknight, and have zero productivty the next day. That Halo experience beats Mario in 3D and any nostalgia over seeing an NES for the first time.

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I'd say N64 almost takes it on the strength of Mario.


But come on people...Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, Excitebike, Hogan's Alley, and Kung Fu? There is no topping that.


I almost agreed with that. But I opted for Super Mario World over SMB1.


The Dreamcast might have taken it as well (gotta love Soul Calibur), but I've yet to play Powerstone (it is on my list of games to pick up if I see it cheap somewhere).


I was surprised how sparse the lists are. I tend to stick to RPGs, strategy games and fighting games (and action games since Devil May Cry got me back into it)...but still.


On most of the launches I can only find 1 game of interest.

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