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Top Five Retro Games you want on XBLA/VC


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Lots of people get excited about playing twenty-year-old games that they already paid for, and I just don't get it. People have recently said that they would pay $400 to play XBLA sensible soccer. Or $250 to play Impossible Mission. I think you've all been throwing back grandma's cough syrup.



Nostalgia can only go so far for me. I have fond memories of playing Adventure, Pitfall, Defender, Contra, Strider, etc... but I could barely tie my shoes then. But now I can. And those games are about as interesting as tying my shoes now.


That being said, here are a few games that I "think" I might actually enjoy playing again, but I am really not sure. I'm guessing that I'd try the demo, and think "Why am I not playing Gears of War right now?"


1) Baseball Stars Online (with leagues)

2) Tecmo Superbowl Online (with leagues)

3) Super Metroid (Maybe, I've been this game so many times though)


Shoot, I can't think of two more actually. That's it.

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I agree that nostalgia can only take you so far... which is why these games are great to see again, for a couple bucks. When they start costing $10+, you really do have to wonder how much entertainment you can get out of them today.


That being said, I'd like to see:


1) Choplifter (I actually have a SMS with this game, and it's still fun)

2) Excitebike

3) Duke Nukem 3d (w/ Live deathmatch. Excellent.)

4) Blades of Steel (but that can't possibly be as much fun as I remember...can it?)

5) Bionic Commando (although I'd probably find the difficulty level frustrating these days...)

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A few of my titles would require an increase in the maximum game size. I mean who the hell puts their XBLA games on memory cards anyway??? Without further delay...


1). Daytona USA - Arcade perfect translation with online play to boot!

2). Virtua Fighter 2 - Again another Sega classic that has never been ported perfectly.

3). TMNT: The Arcade Game - Online coop would be insanely fun.

4). Mortal Kombat II: While UMK3 is nice, MKII was by far the best game in the series.

5). Sunset Riders: A classic Konami game that would be a blast to play coop!

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1. Kid Icarus

2. Double Dragon (with online co-op)

3. Super Metroid (never played it and always wanted to)

4. WWF No Mercy (again never played it and always wanted to, and online matched would be great if possible)

5. Any of the old NES sports games like Ice Hockey or Double Dribble (with the ability to play against a Friend online)


For me, the appeal of these retro games is mainly nostalgia. But I also miss the days of easy game play with two button controllers. It would be fun to sit around with my older brother and play an old sports game on the Wii's VC with the Wii-motes held NES style. Something like Madden is too complex to be fun for him anymore. The other appeal is to get the chance to play a game that I may have missed the first time around (mainly because I never owned a Super NES, any Sega system, or whatever else is coming to the VC).

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I suppose these are the games I'm most looking forward to at the moment:


  1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    One of my favorite games of all time. I'm still disappointed that Nintendo didn't put it on their Zelda Collector's disc for GameCube a few years ago.
  2. Super Metroid
    I sort of like the Metroid series after playing the first two, but I wouldn't have called myself a huge fan. However, after playing the third installment for the SNES, I knew that this was something brilliant and special. This will be one of the first games I download, assuming it's available at launch.
  3. Paper Mario
    I never played the original N64 version of the game, but I love The Thousand-Year Door. I figure it's about time I go back and try out the original.
  4. Star Fox 64
    This is still one of my favorite games of all time. I would love to see a Virtual Console version of this with the graphics spruced up a bit and the slow down eliminated.
  5. Kid Icarus
    I never played it. I want to see what all the fuss is about. Please don't ban me.

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I'm looking forward to n64 games because it's one of the few consoles I don't own...I just didn't have enough must-have games to warrant keeping it around.


1 Dragon Quest V or VI translated FOR GOD'S SAKE

2 Seiken Densetsu 3 (basically Secret of Mana 2)

3 Star Fox 64

4 Shining Force 3 translated (Saturn)

5 Panzer Dragoon Saga (Saturn)



not sure. I have so many consoles...games like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI and Secret of Mana are such killer titles...but I have 'em already :D


I'd mainly like to see games that we never got a domestic release of and require emulators/roms adn translation packages to play.

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