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Iron Man movie news

Tonner Cyn

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For those who did not know, Jon Favreau will be directing a live-action Iron Man film, I believe slated for 2008. Back at the San Diego Comic Con (and sorry if this has all been posted, I could find nothing on search) they announced that the villain would be the Mandarin. Well, I guess last night/early today, Harry Knowles broke the news (which was later confirmed by the trades and Favreau) on who will be playing Tony Stark. The man is...


Robert Downey, Jr.




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A coworker of mine's brother was working on suit ideas a while back... and I got to take a peek at a few comps. It's a vague memory now, but I remember them looking pretty good.


If the suit looks like the comps i remember and with RDJ on board, this could shape up to something good.


EDIT: It turns out that the comps I saw were actually competing with a few other art firms for the job... they didn't get it. So I guess I know nothing after all...

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