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Free Radical developing next Star Wars Battlefront? It looks like it.

Romier S

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Here's the report from CVG:




The next instalment in the massively successful Star Wars: Battlefront series is being developed by the UK-based developer Free Radical, CVG can exclusively reveal.


Our investigative reporters have learned that this is the fruit of the Nottingham-based studio's recently announced partnership with LucasArts.


No further details were offered from our sources, but after the massive success of the first two Battlefront games, we can't wait to see what Free Radical - with its years of experience working on shooters like TimeSplitters and GoldenEye - will do with the license.


I'm very interested to see what Free Radical does with the series. It's not shocking to see Pandemic off of the game considering the titles they are working on at the moment (and the price they apparently demand these days). Still, I thought they did a great job with Battlefront II.

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I suppose I’ve mixed feelings like Brian about all this, particularly after claims like this in the EDGE article which anger my greatly as far as the state of the company is concerned:


"People have been leaving in droves due to lack of security, poor treatment of staff, better offers and guaranteed work from other local developers such as Monumental Games…”


It does sound as if the staff have a number of opportunities to quickly find employment again however, and it’s good to read they were all reportedly issued with their Christmas bonuses last week.

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Bugger. That looked really, really promising.


(not sure how long this video will be available)


Does Lucasarts claim all the work Free Radical did on this? By which I mean, can they finish it off themselves rather than just denying its very existence like the Star Wars Holiday Special.

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Rumors are they handed the code to Rebellion to finish.


Rumours are they handed the project, no idea about the code.


I've no inside info on this. All I'll say is it's really low to secretly record work in progress games. It's really low to release that video & break all your NDAs. The company folding is irrelevant. I'd say this behaviour is a good example of why the company is bust.

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It's a very strong rumour doing the rounds with no official purchase actually announced. I love how 1up reports it otherwise.


Speaking from his local pub, Yescombe told us, "After seven long weeks of uncertainty, I can confirm that Free Radical is now out of the woods. We've been bought by a really, really good company." He added, in what was possibly a first for the outspoken writer, "I'm so excited I'm lost for words." Then he found some and continued: "It's the smoothest deal we've ever done. It all went through quickly, efficiently, fantastically..."
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Hopefully the licenses come with it.


The deal with LucasArts is long dead & development's been moved on to another studio for months according to the gossip machine. There's near zero chance of LucasArts moving it back to what's left of Free Radical. Remember, FR is only a chunk of the studio, most people are not getting hired back by Crytek. FR is likely working on a console port of the Crytek engine...

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