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FS: Games / Accessories + free junk


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Clearing out some shelfspace. Everything in good to excellent condition, though some boxes have stickers etc from EB/Blockbuster on them and except where noted. I accept paypal, cheques etc, and ship USPS priority mail - $4 for one game, $5 for two, etc.


Sega Saturn

Keio Flying Squadron 2 - UK release of this rare game, box is battered, but disc plays fine for people who want to play the game rather than collect it. Will play on any Sega Saturn if you have an 'import cart'. $10 (sold)

Parodius - UK release. Again, box/manual are worn, but game disc is perfect. Will play on any Sega Saturn if you have an 'import card'. $10 (sold)

King of Fighters '95 - JPN release, boxed, with the required memory cartridge. Little bit of box wear from shipping. $7 (sold)



PSP: $8 each


Star Wars Battlefront 2



XBox - $5 each

Robotech Battlecry (sealed) (sold)

Mechassault (sold)

Carve (sold)

Phantasy Star Online (sold)


007 Everything or Nothing (sold)

MotoGP (sold)

Terminator Dawn of Fate

Deathrow (sold)



GameCube - $5 each

Eternal Darkness (sold)

Metroid Prime (+ Metroid Prime 2 demo)

Ribbit King (+ bonus disc)

Mario Golf (Sold) (sold)

BloodRayne (sold)




Official Sony PSOne LCD screen. - in excellent condition, barely used, boxed like new. Comes with the relevant leads to allow you to hook up any composite video output to it, rather than being tied to just a PSOne.

$20 + shipping. (sold)


DreamEye for Dreamcast - webcam + software for the Dreamcast from Sega, only released in Japan. Box is a little worn from shipping etc, but everything inside is like new. $30 + shipping.




GameShark 2 (v1.4) for PS2 - box is battered, but contents are fine. Comes with a CD of codes. Free if you pay shipping + paypal fee. (sold)

Loaded - Sega Saturn. Just the disk, no box/manual. Free to good home as long as you don't mind me just sticking it in an envelope to you. (sold)

Magic & Mayhem - PC. See 'Loaded'. (sold)

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