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Questions as statements in article headlines


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John Stewart did a funny bit criticizing news organizations for using inflamatory statements in headlines, followed by question marks, as if that hides the assertion ("Are all democrats traiters?").


Anyway, ever since then I can't help but laugh at game headlines that do the same thing. Here are some samples. Please feel free to cite them as you find them in this thread for our amusement. Sort of a Jay Leno segment right here on LCVG:

  1. EA's FIFA 07: Not So Next-Gen?(1up)
  2. Is the ESRB Broken? (next-gen)
  3. Assassin's Creed AI Better on 360? (1up)
  4. Is RedOctane's party over? (1up)
  5. Is this Sony's redemption song? (1up)

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