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Question for itunes users-podcasts?


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Since I wasn't able to find another podcast downloading application that did everything that itunes did, I installed a copy of 7.0 to see I coudl get it to work the way I wanted. At first, it seemed like I was successful. I got it to not troll for media and take over assocations all the time, so it looked like I might be able to get it to just download podcasts into a directory for me to copy to my mp3 player. The only problem seems to be with automatic downloads.


I've noticed that if I leave itunes running in the tray, it'll download new podcast episodes nightly (good), but when it does this, instead of storing them in the /mp3/podcasts directory (like I asked it to, and like it does for manually downloaded podcasts), they show up in /mp3/downloads. On top of that, manually dowloaded mp3s are tagged and named correctly, but automatically downloaded ones are all names "download.mp3" and stored without any tags. Is there a reason for this? The files play fine through itunes, but if I want to copy them to my player, I have to manually rename/retag them.


Is this just a limitation of the software, or is there a step that I'm missing? The documentation seems to be pretty thin, since it seems to assume that you're either going to play everything trough itunes, or sync to an ipod.

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