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Master of Orion 2: One of the all time greats?


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So I popped this game in for the first time in years last night. First of all, I was very pleasantly surprised that it installed and ran flawlessly without any hassles on my XP machine, always good for an older game.


Man, I got hooked just like I always did in the past. Totally addictive, perfectly balanced gameplay. Infinite replayability, always a new challenge just by tweaking the paramaters a bit and with the random events. Anybody else a MOO2 lover? I never did even try the third one after I read such horrible things about it.

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:wub Moo2


Still very replayable, and the graphics hold up OK like a lot of 2D games.


Personally I always loved Master of Magic the best, but it's a lot older. MOO2 was great as well. I always played a Subtarreanean Creative race combo of some sort but the patch nerfed it :(


I played MOO3 for a while, bought in on release. I never liked the RTS-concept battles, which looked awful anyway. The strategy section seemed OK.

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For $3 it's worth seeing where they tried to take the series. It was a giant fizzle though. I might still have mine, I'd ship it to you for a buck or two, if you really wanted to try it.


I think there are some Moo3 mods out there that make it better.


You do have Civ4, right? Now that's the best TBS game I've seen in years.

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