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FS: LG LST-3510a HDTV Receiver - OTA/QAM tuner + upscaling DVD $150 shipped


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Hey folks


If you read my wireless internet thread I'm pissed at Charter Cable (no service for almost 2 weeks now) and got dish. I no longer have a need for my OTA/QAM HDTV receiver as I was using it for QAM tuning. And my Dish HD receiver does OTA tuning if I get ambitious.


I'll probably just ebay this but I thought I'd offer it up here. Make me an offer! I don't have time to deal with ebay...I hate selling computer and electronic stuff on ebay...


$150 shipped.


Here's the thread on AVSforum...




DVD player upconverts. 480p limited over component for commercial DVDs, 720p/1080i over DVI or unprotected discs.


Frankly I thought the DVD player part of it sucked, but I'm pretty picky on my DVD image at 100". Other folks on AVSforum are happy with the upconversion.


HDTV image was very good, no problems there.


I got this refurbished from compgeeks and have had no trouble with it. It's seen maybe 20 hours of use total.

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